The professional staff of ErezNet – Internet Solutions will be glad to build a mini-site for you, which will give you the right marketing push while using appropriate marketing messages, interactive design and advanced internet technologies.

Package details:
 Server details 
 Servers locationIsrael
 Server with an Intel®XeonTM processor
 99% server availability
 24/7/365 servers supervision
 Site security against DDOS attacks
 Site security by advanced Firewall systems
 An unlimited number of FTP connections
 Operating systems and server configuration backup
 Automatic backup for all site files including databases using Cron Jobs
 Storage space, traffic and domain names 
 Allocated storage space volume100MB
 Allocated monthly traffic volume5GB
 Number of sites in package1
 Temporary IP access to site
 POP3 mailboxes under domain name10
 Auto Responders mail accounts10
 Forwarders mail accounts10
 Catch All mailboxes for capturing messages sent to a non-existent box
 WEBMAIL for mailbox surfing from anywhere in the world
 Anti-spam mechanism for automatic filtering of "junk mail" from the mail boxes
 Support of email account setup directly into mail software
 Databases, programming languages and file types 
 Mysql databases
 Databases protected folders
 Text databases support
 Support - Perl, CGI, XML, Ajax, JavaScript, VBScript, D/HTML
 Server-side language support PHP 5+
 Support for displaying audio/video/flash/images files such as: Swf/Flv, Avi, Mpeg, Mp3/4, Wmv, Wma, Jpeg, Jpg, Png, Bmp
 Setting custom-made server error pages
 Management interfaces, systems and add-ins 
 Detailed statistics system from the creator of Webalizer (daily updates performed at 01:00)
 PhpMyAdmin database management interface
 Efficient and easy management interface for managing e-mail accounts
 בנייה ועיצוב האתר 
 עיצוב מלא לאתר הכולל שילוב בטכנולוגיית פלאש (אופציה)
 מערכת העלאת קבצים ו/או תמונות לשרת
 מערכת סטטיסטיקות מפורטות (עדכון יומי המתבצע בשעה 01:00)
 עמוד ראשי הכולל כותרת + טקסט (בשילוב תמונות בהתאם) + טופס יצירת קשר
 Costs and contact period 
 Minimum contact periodOne year
(12 months)
 מחיר חד פעמי עבור עיצוב האתר והתקנתו בשרת1500 NIS
 Monthly Cost40 NIS
per month

General notes about the package:

1. All the prices which appear in this offer are in New Israeli Shekel (Nis)
    and include VAT law errors and omissions excepted.
2. Opening the storage account and/or domain name registration in
    accordance with the signing of the booking agreement attached herewith.
3. Payment Terms: Credit card / check / bank transfer.
4. By signing the order form the customer declares that he/she
    has read and agrees to our terms and conditions.
5. The opening of an account will be carried out within 48 hours
    in orderly business days after receiving a signed order
    and a confirmation of receipt of payment.
6. You can't obtain a refund or any other payback due to
    the cancellation of services during the contract period.
7. This proposal is valid as long as it appears on this page.
8. The site and/or hosting package and/or mail boxes and/or server do not include
    an SSL encryption key and/or sales through the website.
9. For additional information, questions, enlightenments and comments,
    you can contact us by phone: +972-772148004

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