In the internet world it is possible to reach a wide target audience from around the world through an internet radio, which is a radio station in all senses. Using this technology, it is possible to execute a large number of actions such as not only: media transfer, streaming broadcasts, songs broadcast, lectures broadcast, set up playlists to be automatically played when an online broadcaster is not available, raising people onto live broadcast, and all of this for thousands of users simultaneously.

The ErezNet company – Internet Solutions provides a wide range of internet radio servers, for transmissions with a quality of up to 96KBPS. The transmission is performed through internet radio transmission software: Shoutcast by Winamp and WMS by Microsoft. It is possible to transmit from your home computer, your office or from any other place which has an internet connection to the radio server.

Utilities: To download the Winamp software, To download the ShoutCast add-in v2+.

Examples for Internet radio sites