The ErezNet company – Internet Solutions supplies dedicated servers which possess particularly high survivability and transfer rate and provide a comprehensive solution for its customers' servers array. The company's servers are located in Israel and they allow the server owner a fast and reliable access to the internet.

A dedicated server is designed mainly for hosting and website building companies, software houses, studio companies and giant websites which consume vast resources in a particularly high storage volume. A dedicated server allows the operation of a large number of websites such as and not only: E-commerce sites, multimedia sites, streaming-video sites and other sites which need high performance.

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If you do not own a dedicated server, we supply server purchase consulting services, according to its designation, the estimated load on the server and other data. The hardware the customer needs is determined by the hosting type the customer wants to host, the amount of resources consumed, and the estimated amount of money the customer requests. In this manner we match the server to the client and save the hardware the hosting server does not need.

Our company will install and define the server and all its related systems for you, and we will make sure that the server indeed runs constantly and that it is linked to the internet via a reliable high quality broadband.