The ErezNet company – Internet solutions has developed a complete content management system, with a management interface that is simple, efficient and accessible from anywhere in the world

Our System is successfully installed and running in hundreds of leading websites and portals

The content management system is characterized by great operational flexibility, and easily fits various and different websites and portals, such as and not only: image websites, front page flash websites, e-commerce websites, sales websites, various types of news websites

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A content management website is a dynamic site in which the website's owner inserts the data at will and at any given time, into his website.

The big advantage in a content management website is that in our competitive internet world one must always keep one's "finger on the pulse", whether it is by altering contents and messages and/or by the replacement of new texts appropriate for the given time, that you want to pass to your customers.

 A website without a management system becomes unprofitable so that every change you would like to make to your website, will require from you an additional payment for the website builder, which will make you leave your site's content without the freshness and change that are so vital and necessary in the virtual world.

In addition, content management websites upgrade the abilities of your own website, making it a much more powerful tool because of the many functions unavailable in a static website.

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